Hans-Jörg Naumer

Global Head of Capital Markets & Thematic Research
Hans-Jörg Naumer is Global Head of Capital Markets & Thematic Research with Allianz Global Investors which he joined in 2000. The focus of his work is on analysis relating to strategic and tactical allocations, specific investment opportunities and the identification of long-term investment trends. Before joining the firm, he worked for Société Générale, where he became the Head of Research Germany and was part of the French investment bank’s international research team. From his vantage point as an analyst and economist, he observed the establishment of the Economic and Monetary Union and thus ranked among the prime “ECB Watchers”. He started his professional career in the corporate banking division of Deutsche Bank in 1994. Hans-Jörg studied economics at the University of Mannheim, one of the leading universities for economics and business studies in Germany. During his studies, he worked at the Chair for Macroeconomics.

Insights by Hans-Jörg Naumer

Outlook & Commentary
As the global economy continues to muddle through, the days of easy monetary policy may have peaked – along with the period of ultra-low yields. We may begin to see changing policies as central banks re-evaluate, which could lead to jittery markets.
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 31/08/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Although the volatility index has remained relatively flat this year, looming political risks, divergent monetary policies and low global productivity should give investors pause. At the same time, central banks are extremely accommodative and the global economy is continuing its strong recovery.
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 05/06/2017
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