Hong Kong Investment Forum

Investment Forum Focus: Central Banks, China and Disruptive Change

Twice a year, our top professionals gather at our Investment Forum to form a global economic outlook that sharpens our long-term thinking and helps our clients make smarter investment decisions. Here's a look at our most recent forum in Hong Kong.

Neil Dwane

“Some fear the markets are complacent, but investors can find ample opportunities to take risks that can be managed with confidence.”

Neil Dwane Global Strategist

Findings from Our Hong Kong Investment Forum

Our strategists, economists and portfolio managers recently convened in Hong Kong to reflect on the state of the global economy today – and its direction over the next 3-5 years. The gradual tightening of monetary policy could bring a return of volatility, especially in developed markets, but Asia in general and China in particular are bright spots.

  • The competing factors of geopolitical turmoil, demographic change and technological advancement will make for an interesting if uncertain investment climate in 2018
  • The scale of central bank support is diminishing globally, but we expect the overall shift to be slow; income opportunities abound for investors willing to look beyond benchmark bonds
  • The outlook for China and Asian markets overall remains favorable – so much so that one of the biggest risks to investors’ portfolios may be an “unconscious” underweight to China
  • Disruptive business models are reshaping investment opportunities across the globe; the US and Europe will need to respond to high-tech competition from China

For more on the forum's findings, take a look at Neil Dwane's in-depth analysis:



Watch our investment experts discuss timely topics that matter to investors. Hear from Andreas Utermann on changing monetary policy, William Russell on China’s A-shares and Raymond Chan on China’s moment in the sun.



  • Demographic deceleration: What can Japan teach the world?
  • Global politics and policies in 2018
  • China's 5-year outlook, and investing in Asia disruptively
  • The global hunt for income amid rising rates


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Investment Forum Focus: Central Banks, China and Disruptive Change