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Dear Readers,

In keeping with our new branding, “Active is”, in the latest issue of Update I am pleased to share with you our opinions and analyses in relation to some highly relevant investment topics.

To start with, our capital markets expert Hans-Jörg Naumer sheds some light on the hot topic of sustainable investment. He examines why this issue has grown from a niche area to reach the mainstream. The incorporation of environmental, social and governance factors in capital investment has gained considerable momentum for investors, not least due to the EU’s new, far-reaching regulatory proposal on implementation of the Sustainable Finance Action Plan.1

As a global investor, we keep an eye on all international investment opportunities for our clients. Neil Dwane, Global Investment Strategist, summarises the key trends in the growth region of Asia that were presented by our investment professionals at the 10th Asia Conference in Berlin. It is fascinating to note how both structural changes and political reforms can affect important markets such as China and Japan. With economic growth and rising prosperity, Asia is also seeing an increased emphasis on the desire for greater environmental quality and quality of life.

So, you believe that passively-managed strategies are cheap and always deliver good investment performance? Our Global Head of Distribution and Head of EMEA, Tobias Pross, gives you four important reasons why we are convinced that our 100% active investment approach has the potential to deliver better portfolio results.

Finally, in this issue of Update we introduce you to the new AllianzGI branding that I mentioned earlier: “Active is“. In an interview our CEO, Andreas Utermann, discusses the value proposition behind the new brand positioning.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Yours, Steffen Hörter


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Investment Themes & Strategy

This article illustrates the considerable growth in the importance of CSR¹ and ESG for companies and investors. The added value consists not only of a “plus” for sustainability, but may also result in a “plus” for performance, as documented by academic studies.

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Investment Themes & Strategy

Firm believers in active asset management do not always have it easy in the public debate. Yet they have also had it tougher. This is because, in the long-standing controversy about active versus passive fund management, the debate is gradually becoming objective – and thankfully so. Each of these approaches has its raison d‘être; neither is the only true path. Nonetheless, there are good reasons for asset managers to adopt a clear position. We have done so and remain committed: Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) is an active manager. We refer to four globally observable trends in the industry to illustrate this.

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Outlook & Commentary

Our clients and investment professionals recently met in Berlin for our 10th annual Asia Conference. Here are some of the highlightsfrom two days of discussions about the world’s most dynamic region.

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Investment Themes & Strategy

Andreas Utermann, CEO and Global CIO, Allianz Global Investors, talks to Kerstin Keller, Head of Institutional Marketing and Editor-in- Chief Update Magazine, about the new brand positioning “Active is”.

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