AllianzGI completes 50th Infrastructure Debt deal



Allianz Global Investors, one of the world’s leading active investment managers, has completed its 50th infrastructure debt deal.

  • Infrastructure debt platform has provided €11.1bn of financing worldwide since 2012
  • UK Investments include Port of Dover, M6 toll Road and University of Exeter student accommodation
  • First deals from AllianzGI’s new Resilient Credit strategy completed


Allianz Global Investors, one of the world’s leading active investment managers, has completed its 50th infrastructure debt deal.

This milestone comes less than six years after AllianzGI’s infrastructure debt platform launched, pioneering a new asset class that provides long-term, stable cash flows to Allianz and third-party clients.

The total of 50 deals, includes the first three transactions from AllianzGI’s new Resilient Credit strategy. The Resilient Credit strategy complements AllianzGI’s core infrastructure debt business, pursuing investment opportunities that have similarly favourable credit characteristics but are more suited to shorter investment horizons.

Allianz Global Investors has helped to ensure significant infrastructure projects, both in the UK and around the world, get the financing they need to become a reality. Since 2012, AllianzGI have invested a total of €11.1 billion into infrastructure debt projects around the globe. This includes more than £1.3bn in the UK, including £500mn towards the M6 Toll Road, £55mn towards the port of Dover expansion project and £127mn towards student accommodation at the University of Hull.

Over the past six years, AllianzGI has provided financing to fund over 960km of road which is the equivalent of London to Milan, as the crow flies, and more than 5,000 rooms of student accommodation.

Having spearheaded the growth of infrastructure debt – an entirely new asset class - in Europe, AllianzGI’s infrastructure debt business moved into the US. Underlining the now truly global nature of AllianzGI’s infrastructure expertise, in October 2016 AllianzGI announced it will manage a $500 million investment on behalf of Allianz to co-invest in infrastructure projects in emerging markets across the world, alongside IFC (part of the World Bank Group). In April 2018, AllianzGI announced it will manage a EUR 100 million investment on behalf of Allianz into the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund.

Commenting on the milestone, Deborah Zurkow, Global Head of Alternatives at Allianz Global Investors, said
“Back in 2012, when AllianzGI became the first global investment manager to establish a dedicated team, people wondered if infrastructure debt was an asset class. Six years and 50 deals later, infrastructure debt is firmly established as a ‘go-to’ alternative product for pension funds and insurers looking to match their liabilities with long-term stable cash flows, while also giving investors the chance to invest in real assets that boost the real economy”.

Margaret Frost, Head of Institutional UK at Allianz Global Investors, said:
“We are immensely proud to reach this milestone of completing 50 transactions in less than six years. AllianzGI’s commitment to funding vital infrastructure projects, here in the UK as well as globally, is a testament to our ambition to be a major player in this space. For our clients expanding into Resilient Credit provides further opportunities to invest in real assets with secure cash-flows.”



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