AI & Big Data put to the test at Allianz Global Investors London Hackathon



Allianz Global Investors, one of the world’s leading active investment managers has signalled its ongoing commitment to AI (‘Artificial Intelligence’) and the use of disruptive technology in its active investment portfolios, hosting its first Hackathon in London.

  • Harnessing AI and big data is a key focus for AllianzGI as an active asset manager
  • Allianz Global Investors Hackathon to be held in London from 13-15 November 2018
  • Winning solution will be implemented as a prototype at AllianzGI in 2019

Allianz Global Investors, one of the world’s leading active investment managers has signalled its ongoing commitment to AI (‘Artificial Intelligence’) and the use of disruptive technology in its active investment portfolios, hosting its first Hackathon in London from 13th – 15th November.

In-house investment specialists from AllianzGI and AI experts from selected global start-ups will work together to develop optimisation approaches and in doing so, highlight the benefits of the latest technology in investment decisions.

In front of an audience of around 100 Hackathon participants, start-ups will present the results to a panel of senior experts from across Allianz Global Investors and Allianz Asset Management, as well as an external venture capitalist. The most convincing solution from each of the three use cases1 identified by AllianzGI will be implemented as a prototype in 2019 together with the winning company.

Andreas Utermann, CEO of AllianzGI, adds:

Data has been at the heart of our active investment processes for decades. But now digitalisation is changing the investment management business like never before. We believe AI will be a transformative technology, and can play a vital role in helping us unlock and share value with our clients. Hosting this hackathon is an important, exciting milestone in our digital transformation strategy, ensuring that as an innovative, active asset manager, we are constantly challenging the way we make investment decisions.”

Thorsten Heymann, Global Head of Strategy at Allianz Global Investors who will host the London Hackathon commented:

Machines will never completely replace the skills and experience of investment experts, but with the right data and processes they can help improve investment success. Innovative hybrid solutions, in particular, have the potential to create added value for clients with artificial intelligence. With the right use of AI, Big Data and Alternative Data, we can further expand the fundamental basis of investment decisions. The fusion of leading global tech start-ups and AllianzGI experts at our first ever Hackathon should support our efforts to develop leading solutions for our clients.”

Allianz Global Investors has more than two decades of experience in managing quantitative strategies and uses its quantitative investment and risk advisory expertise in its Risklab unit. Globally, Allianz Global Investors manages over EUR 100 billion AuM in investment strategies based on quantitative models.

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