Integrated ESG assets at AllianzGI reach EUR 116 billion



New report underscores AllianzGI’s active approach to stewardship and engagement, with 8,000 shareholder meetings and 200 face to face engagements in 2017

Allianz Global Investors, one of the world’s leading active investment managers, revealed today that ‘integrated ESG’ now applies to EUR 116 bn of the assets AllianzGI manages, just 18 months after the launch of AllianzGI’s integrated ESG programme. The announcement comes as the firm publishes its ‘Responsible Investing Report 2018’, which details the way AllianzGI is unlocking the potential of ESG to serve a spectrum of client demands.

AllianzGI is an industry ESG pioneer, having launched its first global socially responsible investing equity strategy nearly two decades ago. Integrated ESG is the latest development in the evolution of the firm’s market-leading responsible investing offering.

AllianzGI is committed to integrating ESG factors into all investment decisions across all asset classes. All of the EUR 524 bn of assets managed by AllianzGI are now integrated ESG, SRI, impact or ‘ESG informed’, with all of AllianzGI’s portfolio managers having access to ESG analysis via the firm’s proprietary digital research platform:

Heymann and Pross

Andreas Utermann, CEO and Global CIO of Allianz Global Investors, said:

“While many firms talk about integrating ESG, we have taken a very rigorous approach in applying our ‘integrated ESG’ labelling. Each portfolio team is responsible for questioning potential holdings with low ESG ratings and for contributing to our internal ‘digital debate’ about companies’ ESG risks. This internal crowdsourcing ensures that our understanding of ESG risks is superior to simply relying on third party ratings, and allows us to challenge those companies who need it most when it comes to discharging our stewardship responsibilities.”

As well as providing an update on AllianzGI’s integrated ESG programme, the new report discusses how the firm is engaging with investee companies and fulfilling its stewardship role.

In 2017, AllianzGI voted at 7,961 shareholder meetings and on 83,488 proposals from management and shareholders, up from 5,794 and 61,618 respectively the year before. Making use of a right to vote at shareholder meetings is a key element in AllianzGI’s approach to active stewardship. In total, in 2017, AllianzGI voted against management with at least one resolution at 68 per cent of shareholder meetings held, underlining its commitment to vote against proposals that do not meet the current best market practices reflected in AllianzGI's Global Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Through the application of its globally consistent corporate governance policy, AllianzGI continues to observe significant regional differences in corporate governance standards around the world. In Japan AllianzGI voted against 45 per cent of all proposals, compared to 35 per cent in the US, 33 per cent in France, 28 per cent in Hong Kong, 13 per cent in Germany and just 6 per cent in the UK, reflecting the different stages of corporate governance development in Japan and the US compared to some European markets.

Earlier this year, AllianzGI received an A+ for its overarching approach to ESG strategy and Governance for the second year in a row in its annual assessment from the PRI Association (‘Principles for Responsible Investment’).

To read AllianzGI’s full report, download ‘Responsible Investing Report 2018’.

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The PRI assessment report is based on information reported directly by signatories. Moreover, the underlying information has not been audited by the PRI or any other party acting on its behalf.

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Data as at 30 June 2018.


AllianzGI launches Asian private credit capability



AllianzGI’s new Asian private credit team will be based in Singapore and led by Sumit Bhandari, who joins AllianzGI with 17 years’ of industry experience, including helping establish a private credit business in Asia. Weizhong Yun also joins AllianzGI, with ten years’ of Asian market experience. Further hires are expected to join the team over the coming months.

Key takeaways

  • Two hires will spearhead new team, unlocking the potential of Asia’s private credit market for AllianzGI’s clients
  • Rounds-out geographic reach of AllianzGI’s global private debt platform