Investors Avoid Equities at Their Peril

An AllianzGI study that looks back over 200 years shows that an overweight in lower-risk assets may be the biggest investment risk of all. Find out why equities should be considered for every investor portfolio.

Why Retirees Need 'Happiness' Income

Retirees can take a holistic approach to financing their retirement goals by following the "three times one-third" rule and focusing equally on three key categories of retirement income: basic income, additional "happiness" income and excess income.

Investment Themes & Strategy

Investment Themes & Strategy

Two Sectors to Watch if Trump Opens Taps

Donald Trump’s military-spending plans should help not just US defence contractors, but European firms with a large US presence. And while his infrastructure ideas need Congressional support, they could lift material suppliers and contracting companies in 2018.
Investment Themes & Strategy

Time to Pay Attention to ‘Trumpflation’

With a growing likelihood that Trump’s fiscal policies will be inflationary, the odds of a Fed rate hike are surging, as higher inflation means a faster tightening cycle. So will President Trump find it easier to bring back inflation than factory jobs?
Greg A. Meier | 19/12/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

3 Powerful Forces Transforming the US Economy

Some of the top factors limiting US growth also hold the key to its future: Fed policy has lost its effectiveness, populism has transformed politics and technology has radically reshaped economic activity. Policymakers and businesses alike must take notice or risk missing the wave.
Steven Malin | 17/12/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

Will Europe Feel the Force of ‘Trumponomics‘?

Although much is unknown about the new US president’s economic policy, our chief economist says the central theme is a shift from monetary easing (via Fed stimulus) to fiscal easing (via tax cuts and spending), which could have a major impact on Europe.
Stefan Hofrichter | 16/12/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

Tough-Talking Trump Has Asia on Edge

During his campaign, Donald Trump favoured a restrictive trade stance that could hurt export-reliant countries in Asia – particularly China. But with continued rebalancing and a renewed regional focus, China’s influence in Asia could grow even bigger.
Stefan Scheurer | 15/12/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

Europe Grows Anxious After Italy Votes ‘No’

Italy’s rejection of reforms and Renzi's resignation may lead to early elections or other scenarios that could spook investors already facing a tumultuous political year in Europe. Then again, markets may have already discounted future bad news, and the ECB stands ready to step in.
Investment Themes & Strategy

FinTech: Buzzing About Blockchain

In just a few short years, blockchain technology has surged past cybersecurity, mobile payments and cloud computing to become arguably the most innovative new technology in the financial-services industry – and one that is particularly promising for ESG-focused investors.
Investment Themes & Strategy

Europe’s Big Banks: Well-Capitalized, But Not Profitable

The European banking sector has come a long way since the 2008 crisis, largely thanks to the ECB. But restoring profitability will be a long-term effort, says Senior Credit Analyst Simon Outin, which could lead to a prolonged bout of heightened market instability.
Investment Themes & Strategy

Policymakers and Businesses Confront Reality: Adapt or Die

With the Fed’s monetary policy growing less effective, perhaps it’s time for the Fed to reassess its targets. There’s a new industrial revolution underway, and governments and central banks that fail to adjust could further weaken real economic growth over the long run.
Steven Malin | 17/11/2016

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