Investment Themes & Strategy

Investment Themes & Strategy
Although some view robo-advice as a passing trend, it has the potential to help investors and advisors alike, according to two new Grassroots Research surveys. Some advisors are even using the technology to manage smaller accounts more efficiently, which could bring more investors into the advice realm.
Kelly Reuba | 12/05/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
The British pound’s decline is hitting the UK consumer in the form of rising inflation and noticeably slower growth, even as business confidence and other “soft” data points remain positive. It may be the harsher realities that show through in the Bank of England’s forecasts.
Mike Riddell | 09/05/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
Beset with low rates, slow growth and a new US president who wants a significant shift in policy, the Federal Reserve faces one of the most uncertain periods in its 104-year history. What could a changing Fed mean for investors?
Steven Malin | 21/04/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
President Trump's ambitious plans are expected to encounter stiff resistance, but meaningful spending and taxation changes should happen well before year-end. The markets will respond well if Mr Trump's pro-growth, pro-business policies become reality.
Steven Malin | 03/04/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
As geopolitics and disruption factor into just about every investment decision in this post-election period, it’s important to bear in mind the “creative power of destruction”. This is precisely the environment where active investors can apply their skills and sort out the winners.
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 02/02/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
In today’s low-yield environment, dividend strategies can be a key performance driver for investors’ portfolios – and they can play a role as an anchor of stability amid increased market volatility. Moreover, with “reflation” gearing up and corporate profits looking strong, dividends may become even more relevant.
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 24/01/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
Donald Trump’s military-spending plans should help not just US defence contractors, but European firms with a large US presence. And while his infrastructure ideas need Congressional support, they could lift material suppliers and contracting companies in 2018.
Investment Themes & Strategy
With a growing likelihood that Trump’s fiscal policies will be inflationary, the odds of a Fed rate hike are surging, as higher inflation means a faster tightening cycle. So will President Trump find it easier to bring back inflation than factory jobs?
Greg A. Meier | 19/12/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy
Some of the top factors limiting US growth also hold the key to its future: Fed policy has lost its effectiveness, populism has transformed politics and technology has radically reshaped economic activity. Policymakers and businesses alike must take notice or risk missing the wave.
Steven Malin | 17/12/2016
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