Investment Themes & Strategy

Investment Themes & Strategy
Tight US labour markets and stronger growth lead some to believe that higher inflation is coming, while others say structural shifts such as globalization and automation should keep wages and prices low. We expect an upward bias in inflationary pressures, but not a return to pre-crisis levels.
Mona Mahajan | 06/02/2018
Investment Themes & Strategy
Investors who know where to look can find a wealth of online data to “mine” for insights – from Amazon’s price points to consumers’ tweets about Apple’s iPhones. Our Grassroots℠ Research team is scouring these and other “alternative” data sources as part of our proven approach to active investing.
Kelly Reuba | 08/01/2018
Investment Themes & Strategy
The jury is still out on whether official CPI indices over- or underestimate inflation, but the latter would have consequences that reach far beyond consumers. Key macroeconomic data might be inaccurate, public spending could be too low and investors could suffer from the “stealth devaluation” of important assets.
Martin Hochstein | 08/01/2018
Investment Themes & Strategy
Demand for ESG investing is rising. Yet for many, there is still a lack of clarity around what ESG is, what strategies are available and the implications for an investor’s portfolio. Understanding how a fund approaches ESG investing and the types of factors they may prioritize can give investors more confidence about which funds align to their values.
Investment Themes & Strategy
Determining the true value of a company has rarely been an easy task, but low interest rates, rising political uncertainty and rapid technological change are all significantly affecting valuation assessments. One of the best solutions available to investors, in our view, is the CAPE or Shiller P/E ratio.
Stefan Hofrichter | 14/12/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
In our survey of more than 750 institutional investors, we identified a group of Risk Leaders who clearly stand out from the pack. Their approach to risk management gives them the edge in a range of investment areas and paves the way for others to enhance their own risk approaches.
Investment Themes & Strategy
With dozens of states facing budget shortfalls, policymakers urgently need to make difficult spending and taxation decisions. Even with help from the federal government, states facing the most fiscal stresses may need to cut spending, reduce payrolls and even suspend pension obligations.
Steven Malin | 01/09/2017
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