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Outlook & Commentary

Outlook & Commentary
In high-priced markets, there are good reasons to look for innovative companies that thrive off disruption. Many are highly valued with good cash flows precisely because they have products and services that consumers consider essential, which could bode well in a downturn.
Karen Hiatt | 16/05/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Despite continued political risks in Europe and tepid expectations for the US, the global economy seems set to grow – albeit at an inconsistent pace. Investors should expect the reflation theme to persist, yields to feel upward pressure and politics to remain a key issue.
Ann-Katrin Petersen | 08/05/2017
Outlook & Commentary
No news should be good news after the next FOMC meeting. The markets are watching the Fed’s actions and so far like what they see; the Fed, for its part, feels the same way as it pursues its dual mandate while keeping one eye on financial stability.
Franck Dixmier | 01/05/2017
Outlook & Commentary
When he took office, President Trump clearly outlined his policy priorities for the first 100 days. Now that this milestone has been reached, we took a look at the progress he’s made.
Outlook & Commentary
We don’t expect the European Central Bank to announce any policy changes at its next meeting, given that euro-zone inflation is still weak. In fact, the ECB will probably take pains not to make any statements that could move markets, even as it quietly adjusts the allocation of its bond holdings.
Franck Dixmier | 24/04/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Our Grassroots℠ Research survey of bank managers in China sheds light onto a sector not known for transparency. A new breed of lower-risk wealth-management products and signs of a healthy mortgage market may support a more positive view of the country’s banking industry.
Joey Wong | 05/04/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Favourable European election results coupled with progress for the Republican growth agenda in the US could soften market uncertainty, says our Capital Markets and Thematic Research team. But for the next few weeks, the road still looks bumpy.
Greg A. Meier | 03/04/2017
Outlook & Commentary
As sterling's devaluation starts to feed through to consumers, UK inflation could see a temporary bump upward this year. But increasing political risks and other weak economic data make the market's expectations of a rate hike by summer 2018 seem ambitious.
Mike Riddell | 14/03/2017
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