Outlook & Commentary

Outlook & Commentary
Even as the Fed is expected to hike rates in December as part of its policy normalization, a majority of ECB governing members continue supporting the bank’s asset-purchase programme. Shifting central bank dynamics will make the landscape increasingly difficult for investors to navigate.
Franck Dixmier | 6 days ago
Outlook & Commentary
The gradual reversal of expansionary monetary policies – at differing paces globally – will require some investors to adjust their approaches. Protecting purchasing power will remain a priority as official inflation understates real-world costs.
Outlook & Commentary
China’s latest National Party Congress wasn’t the model of transparency, but the market appreciated the overall sense of political stability and policy continuity – and the clear vote of confidence for the continued leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping.
Raymond Chan | 20/11/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Disruption today takes the form of more than just FANG stocks: US shale, health care, and even Janet Yellen and the Fed are disruptors, too. The challenge lies in harnessing these forces to benefit portfolios – and for that, we suggest investors consider the “3 V” approach.
Mona Mahajan | 17/11/2017
Outlook & Commentary
More than 840 people recently spoke to our Grassroots Research team about their spending habits, financial goals and more. Among them were members of generation Z – a young demographic that, at least for now, places a much greater emphasis on lifestyle experiences over retirement savings.
Kelly Reuba | 17/11/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Although China is in the midst of a broad financial deleveraging effort, consumer credit has grown more than 20 per cent year over year. Our Grassroots℠ Research team looked into what’s driving this trend and found widespread use of personal loans for personal consumption.
Outlook & Commentary
In a long-anticipated decision, President Trump has tapped Jerome Powell to be the next Fed chairman. Although Mr Powell is expected to carry forward many of Chair Yellen’s policies, including the current path of policy normalization, Mr Trump will have many more opportunities to remake the Fed.
Outlook & Commentary
A November rate hike has been on the cards since the BoE’s meeting in mid-September, but the more pertinent question is what happens next. Is this a “one-and-done” event or the beginning of a traditional hiking cycle?
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