At Allianz Global Investors our people enjoy motivating, fulfilling careers. If you’re looking for a fast-paced working environment, you’re determined to cultivate and expand your talents, and you believe in always putting the customer first, then we’re the right place for you. We’re committed to giving our people – experienced and young professionals alike – the opportunities and experiences they seek to thrive professionally and gain maximum personal fulfilment. We will work with you to design your own optimum career, develop your personal growth, and align your achievements with your ambitions.

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Working at Allianz Global Investors

Our clients entrust us with managing their money. In order to do our best to our clients, we expect the best from you. At Allianz Global Investors you will face an array of stimulating challenges that will expand your abilities. We’re committed to giving our people  the opportunities and experiences to thrive professionally and help to gain personal fulfilment.

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Continuous Learning

Talent Development at Allianz Global Investors is all about creating opportunities for our employees to build and expand their capabilities. In this dynamic industry, change is constant and rapid – and at AllianzGI, our employees are continually developing themselves.

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Our Functions

As a leading global investment manager, we offer a broad potential of roles and careers across the world. We seek to attract talented individuals in active investing roles and in the fields as diverse as Business Development, Client Relations, Strategy, Operations and Branding. Find out more about our functions, and find the perfect spot for you – we have a wealth of opportunities waiting for you.

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  • Gem Pushpharan;

    Gem Pushpharan

    To me career is about organisations supporting you [...] and at the same time you supporting the firm [...]

  • Virginie Dubois;

    Virginie Dubois

    As long as you are curious and engaged, you will make it.

  • Heike Muzel;

    Heike Muzel

    Be prepared to work in a challenging and ever changing environment.

  • white image;

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  • Nicolas Schmidt;

    Nicolas Schmidt

    Career is about setting personal aspirations and finding a personal path to achieving those aspirations.

  • Julien Bras;

    Julien Bras

    The word career means to me that you build your own story, everyday.

  • Jean-Marie Courtois;

    J.-M. Courtois

    I worked hard, I took the time to listen and I was brave enough to take the opportunities.

  • White Image;

    Coming Soon

  • Neda Avramova;

    Neda Avramova

    The company provides great opportunities to develop and grow, not just professionally, but personally as well.

  • Anthony Ebker;

    Anthony Ebker

    This keeps you motivated, having somebody sitting next to your desk that is open for a joke anytime.

  • Kerry Lung;

    Kerry Lung

    You need to be energetic, open and [like] facing up to challenges - If you like challenges, welcome on board.

  • default;

    Meet Our People

Meet our People

Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals in our industry. We have a diverse workforce with different backgrounds – both educational as well as personal – a variety of career paths, and diverse aspirations. What all our people have in common is a passion about what they do, and dedication to performing at the highest levels.

There are many reasons why they stay with us to build rewarding careers, including their commitment to our values, the pleasant working environment they find here, and our commitment to excellence. 

See what our employees have to say as you follow them on a typical working day at Allianz Global Investors, and find out more about their experiences as part of our team.

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