Key moments in our history

More than 125 years after its founding, Allianz SE, parent company of Allianz Global Investors, remains one of the world’s strongest financial communities, supporting over 82 million clients in 70 countries. Furthermore, it continues to be a global leader in asset management services and solutions.

History 2002 - 2012


Allianz Global Investors is one of the world’s leading active investment managers.

Employing more than 2,700 people across 25 locations, AllianzGI manages over $598* billion in assets for individuals, families and institutions around the world.

AllianzGI offers its clients a wide range of actively managed strategies and solutions across the risk / return spectrum. With over 650* investment professionals across the firm, we have established expertise in equities, fixed-income, multi-asset, and alternative investments.

As part of the Allianz Group, AllianzGI has a strong parent with a track record of strategic investment for the long term. AllianzGI is a key contributor to the Group’s asset management offering.

*Data as of December 31, 2017 (including AUM of entities held for sale); investment professionals as of June 30, 2017

AllianzGI Locations

2012 - 2016
Globally integrated
investment manager

Since 2012, AllianzGI has operated as a globally integrated investment manager. Its global investment platform brings together professionals from across asset classes and investment styles, enabling them to collaborate to generate unique insights for the benefit of clients while maintaining distinct investment processes.

Over this period, AllianzGI invested in its global active investment offering in line with the needs of its clients, adding Asian fixed income (2012), infrastructure debt (2012), renewables infrastructure equity (2012), emerging market debt (2013), European private debt (2015), global fixed income (2016) and global private debt (2016) solutions.

By 2016, AllianzGI had established a strong, fast growing Alternatives pillar alongside its Equity, Fixed Income and Multi Asset capabilities.

History 1998 - 2001

1999 – 2011 Family of boutiques

The foundations for AllianzGI today were laid through a series of acquisitions of well-established investment management companies that were supported by organic growth.

2000-2001: In the US, the purchase of PIMCO Group (2000), including NFJ Investment Group and Oppenheimer Capital, as well as Nicholas-Applegate (2001). In Europe, Dresdner Asset Management Group, including Dresdner RCM Global Investors, was purchased in 2001

2004: Allianz Dresdner Asset Management rebrands as Allianz Global Investors.

2009: Integration of cominvest, a leading German asset management company, into Allianz Global Investors

2011: Following a decade of growth, Allianz’s asset management division was split into two distinct pillars – AllianzGI and PIMCO – paving the way for AllianzGI to become a globally integrated investment manager

Historic AllianzGI

1890 – 1998 The early years

1890: Allianz Insurance starts business in Berlin

1920-1970: By the beginning of the 1920s, it already offered all the property insurance policies typical of the times. 1922 Allianz Life was founded and soon became one of Germany’s largest life insurers. After reconstruction and the economic miracle in Germany following the end of World War II, Allianz became Europe’s largest insurance company in the early 1970s.

1985: To ensure Allianz’s ability to act internationally, the holding company Allianz AG was created in 1985 (today Allianz SE).

1998: Driven by the globalization of financial markets, Allianz defined asset management as a core business activity and started to build a global asset management business called Allianz Asset Management, which would serve external clients as well as Allianz’s own investment needs.

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