George McKay & Andreas Utermann

Global Executive Committee

The Global Executive Committee is responsible for the management of Allianz Global Investors.

Andreas Utermann

CEO and Global CIO
Andreas Utermann is Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief Investment Officer of Allianz Global Investors. Andreas joined AllianzGI and its Global Executive Committee in 2002 as Global CIO Equities. Between his joining and the end of 2011, he was also Global CIO and Co-Head of RCM. Since 2012, Andreas has been Global CIO of AllianzGI. In March 2016, Andreas took on the role of CEO. He is also Chair of the Global Executive Committee.
Our approach is to combine deep and considered thinking with decisive and timely action.

Steven J. Berexa

Global CIO Equity, Global Head of Research
Steven Berexa is a senior portfolio manager and Global CIO Equity with Allianz Global Investors, which he joined in 1997. He is also Global Head of Research; portfolio manager of the Disciplined Equity strategy and the Global Fundamental strategy; manager of the Global Insights/Intellectual Capital strategy; and a member of the Global Executive Committee.
As our business has evolved – growing more complex and global – we have come to expect more from our research teams. It challenges our analysts to work more closely with the portfolio managers in order to better understand how research can contribute to each strategy.

Franck Dixmier

Global Head of Fixed Income, CIO Fixed Income Europe
Franck Dixmier is Global Head of Fixed Income and Chief Investment Officer Fixed Income Europe. Franck is a member of the Global Executive Committee at Allianz Global Investors. He joined Allianz Group in 1995.
Commitment? On a day-by-day basis, it means being highly responsive at every level of our organization.

Douglas Eu

Chief Executive Officer US
Douglas Eu is Chief Executive Officer US with Allianz Global Investors, which he joined in 2006. He is a member of the firm’s Global Executive Committee and US Executive Committee, and was previously Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific.
Investment firms succeed when investment professionals and relationship managers work together as one, sharing a passion for their work – and a commitment to the highest standards of service and delivery.

Thorsten Heymann

Global Head of Strategy
Thorsten Heymann is Global Head of Strategy and Member of the Global Executive Committee. Thorsten joined the Allianz Group in January 1999 and came to Allianz Global Investors in August 2001 as Head of Fund of Fund Management.
Our ambition is to become a recognized global investment leader by putting both client needs and excellence at the heart of what we do.

Markus Kobler

Global Chief Financial Officer
Markus Kobler is Global Chief Financial Officer for Allianz Global Investors. He is a member of the Global Executive Committee and has a shared reporting line into Allianz Asset Management (AAM). Markus joined Allianz Global Investors on 1 December 2013 from Bank Julius Baer & Co, Zurich.

Desmond Ng

Head of Asia Pacific
Desmond Ng is Head of Asia Pacific with Allianz Global Investors based in Hong Kong. He is also a member of the Global Executive Committee. Desmond joined the firm in 2014 and is responsible for overall leadership in retail and institutional businesses for the region.
If you want to understand better and faster, you need diverse minds – curious minds all over the world – with different perspectives. And an appetite for success.

Karen Prooth

Global COO
Karen Prooth is Global Chief Operating Officer at Allianz Global Investors and a member of the firm’s Global Executive Committee. Karen joined AllianzGI in November 2017 from Blackrock where she held a number of senior leadership roles.

Tobias C. Pross

Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Tobias Pross is Head of EMEA and chair of the European Executive Committee. He is also a member of the Global Executive Committee and of the Board of Management of Allianz Global Investors GmbH. Tobias joined Allianz Group in 1999.
We believe that through better understanding, combined with confident execution, we can deliver consistent and superior investment results.

Herold C. Rohweder

Global CIO Multi Asset
Herold Rohweder is Global Chief Investment Officer Multi Asset with Allianz Global Investors, which he joined in 1989. Herold initiated the systematic asset-management effort for the firm’s equity and multi-asset investments, and was previously a portfolio manager for the firm’s global balanced, European equity and European fixed-income strategies. He is also a member of the US Executive Committee and a member of the Global Investment Management group.

Deborah Zurkow

Head of Alternatives
Deborah Zurkow is Head of Alternatives at Allianz Global Investors which she joined in 2012 as CIO and Head of Infrastructure Debt. The team was established to develop the institutional investor debt market in infrastructure and to secure investments in the sector for Allianz Global Investor’s parent, Allianz SE and third party investors.
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