Your Collaboration
with AllianzGI Procurement

"With focus on innovation and digitalization, the Procurement team is a key partner in supporting the AGI agenda:

– create long-term value
– develop innovative solutions and
– be pioneer in sustainable investing.

In line with industry best practice, we develop our vendor landscape and relationships accordingly, we look forward to collaborating with you.”

Martin Vajdl, Global Head of Procurement

Building strong relationships with our partners and suppliers is essential to run our operations and investment platforms and to build sustainable growth. In line with our corporate strategy and culture principles, we seek to collaborate with suppliers that drive innovation by simultaneously engaging in sustainable business practices. AllianzGI strives to achieve the same environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards that we demand of the companies in which we invest.

Building strong relationships

Procurement Priorities at AllianzGI

Innovation is the main driver to success for our business. With our vendor ecosystem being the main source of innovation, we incentivize external vendors to deliver tailored innovative solutions to our organization.

Future technologies and external investments in digitalization, robotic process automation / AI will change our business achieved through agile partnership models with our external vendors.

With Allianz Global investors as a Pioneer in ESG Investments, our Procurement Strategy is based on impacts achieved in ESG through our vendor ecosystem.

We want to grow with our partners and develop our vendor ecosystem with high performing companies leveraging efficiency gains, scale, volume effects with performance-based pricing to serve our needs best.

Collaboration via SAP Ariba

We have embarked on a digital journey to uplift our processes to an integrated global sourcing and procurement network. With the Source-to-Pay solution from SAP Ariba, we strive to create a state-of-the-art procurement experience characterized by touchless, fast and compliant customer journeys. Therefore, we collaborate with our strategic partners solely via Ariba Network, thereby, accelerating time to market and digitizing purchasing and payment processes.


Automated PO and invoice management through touchless processes.


Reduced cycle times and time to market through one single communication channel.


Full transparency of all activities related to sourcing, ordering, invoicing with all your business partners.


Full compliance with applicable regulations and AllianzGI standards.

Business Opportunities

Access and real-time visibility to AllianzGI open RFPs. Gain access to the world's largest B2B marketplace and identify further business opportunities.

Allianz Global Investors

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