AllianzGI Initial Supplier Questionnaire

The only task for supplier during onboarding is submitting a short questionnaire, which collects your masterdata including bank and tax information. You can access the questionnaire by logging in via the Ariba email link:

Onboard AllianzGi Test Onboarding as a supplier of AllianzGI SAP Ariba Buying - TEST

If your company doesn’t have an Ariba account, please click "Sign up" (view the Ariba Network sign up process here);

Otherwise please directly "Log in”.


One Ariba Network account can serve one country!

For global organizations with multiple entities, please make sure to use the credentials of the corresponding country to log in.

The name of the organization can be found in the invitation email.

After logging in or signing up via the AllianzGI initial supplier questionnaire link, you will be directed to the AllianzGI supplier questionnaire.

The intention of this questionnaire is:

– To collect your profile data (i.e. company information, contact email, bank and tax information) during the onboarding;

– The “self-service” point for you to update your profile data directly in the future.

Please fill out all the mandatory fields (marked in red star), which include:

Step 1: Allianz Vendor Code of Conduct acceptance;

Step 2: Company information:

– Organization legal name

– Address

Step 3: Supplier Contact: The email address should be the recipient for receiving new PO notification and uploading invoices, a group email address is recommended!

Step 4: Payment Method = Electronic

all mandatory fields

Step 5: Tax information: click the link “Add Tax Information” and edit on the sub page;

5.1 Click “Add Tax Information

5.2 Select Country and key in your tax ID

5.3 Please confirm your tax information is valid

5.4 For US suppliers, please attach tax status identification form (Ex. W9)

sub page of tax information

Step 6: Bank information: click the link “Add Bank Information” and edit on the sub page;

6.1 Click “Add Bank Details

6.2 Key in your bank information

6.3 A bank certificate which proves the authenticity of the bank account is mandatory, a company letter is also acceptable.

Note: Please make sure you only maintain one up-to-date bank account here, so that the payment transfer can be wired to the correct account.

click Add bank information subpage Back information

Click “Submit Entire Response” to send your masterdata to AllianzGI.

If there is an error in your questionnaire, the error message would show up on the top of the page.

You can also save the response as draft if you want to collect the corresponding data and submit later.

Click Submit Entire Response

After submitting the questionnaire, your profile data will be synced in AllianzGI environment.

If your company has used Ariba for invoice management before with the Ariba Network PO and Invoice Routing already set up, then this is all you need to do for AllianzGI Ariba supplier enablement.

If you are new to Ariba Network, please follow the page “Manage Ariba Network” to set up your Ariba Network account properly.

Sign up on Ariba Network

If your company doesn’t have an Ariba account, please click “Sign up” on the AllianzGI initial supplier questionnaire email.

click Sign up

Fill out the basic information including company information, user account information and core business activities.

One email address can register multiple accounts, but the Username should be unique for each account, and in the format of email address.

form with basic information and unique username

For “Product and Service Categories”, you can directly type your core business, or click “Browse” to select the best fit.

Product and Service Categories search

For “Ship-to or Service Locations”, you can also directly type in the service location, or click “Browse” and select Global.

Ship-to or Service Locations

After filling out all the mandatory information, click “Create Account and Continue”.

click Create Account and Continue

After the account is submitted, you will be directed to AllianzGI initial questionnaire directly, meanwhile your AN ID and username will be sent to you via an email.

Click here to view how to fill out AllianzGI initial supplier questionnaire.

submit entire response email with ID and username
Trading Relationship Acceptance

Note: Establishing a Trading Relationship is the prerequisite for starting business activities with AllianzGI.

Normally, it is accepted automatically when you log in to the questionnaire for the first time.

But some AN accounts may be set up in a way that you need to manually accept the TRR. Here is how you can accept and amend the settings:

Settings and select Customer Relationships

Step 1-3: Click [user initials] > "Settings" and select "Customer Relationships".

Step 4: Select "Pending" trading relationships and click "Approve".

Step 5: If you would like current or future trading relationships to be automatically accepted, please ensure that this preference is selected at the top of the page.

Customer Relationships details
Maintain/ change your Masterdata

If you would like to change below information with AllianzGI, please directly maintain it in your initial supplier registration questionnaire:

– Company information: name, address

– Contact person who receives PO notification for invoice upload

– Bank information: please only leave one most updated bank account in this field

– Tax information

Ariba Proposals and Questionnaires Review response

In case of a company name change, please make sure that the change is reflected in your company profile so that your Ariba Network is properly maintained.

company name change

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