Find the Contract

Choose "Orders" -> "Contracts", then click "Create contract invoices".

Contracts in menu navigation Create cotract invoices link

Select AllianzGI as customer, and CHILD1 as contract site.

Selection of customer business unit adress

Select the corresponding contract, insert the invoice ID and invoice creation date, then click “Next” to start invoice creation.

fill invoice ID, creation date
Create a Contract-based Invoice
exclamation mark

If you see the link “Add bank accounts details”, it means your bank account information is not yet created on your Ariba Network, please click the link to maintain your bank account, this is only a one-time effort.

Guidance can be found here: Configure Payment Routing and Remittance

Step 1: Under "Add to Header" upload your invoice as .pdf document from your internal billing system as "Attachment".

Step 2: Choose “Line level tax” if you want to enter line item specific tax information.

Invoice header

Step 3: Enter the "Service period" of this invoice.

Step 4: Enter your "Supplier VAT/Tax ID".

Step 5: Enter Allianz Global Investors "Customer VAT/Tax ID".

Note: In case you have added your VAT/Tax ID to your Company Profile during registration the number will be auto-populated.

Invoice header - additional fields

Step 6: Click “Add items” add the contract item in the invoice.

Step 7: Enter "Quantity", then “Add Item”, click “Done” to go back to the invoice creation page.

How to add item enter quantity, then add and click done

Step 8: For tax relevant invoices click on the check box left hand side to “Tax Category” and on the check box next to the line item.

Step 9: Click “Line Item Actions”, then “Tax”.

Step 10: Select "Category" (please refer to the Tax Category page for the correct selection), then key in the "Tax rate".

Step 11: After entering all the details, click on save then click on "Next".


Click "Update"on the top or bottom of the page to update any calculated fields if you add or modify any amount or rate fields.

In case of error, an error notification will appear next to the field in red, click "Update" to double check if all the fields are error free.

example of fields in invoice

Step 12:

Once you have reviewed the invoice summary click "Submit" and your invoice will be sent to Allianz Global Investors.

You can also "Print" a copy of the invoice or "Exit" the invoice if you do not want to submit.

You will receive an email confirmation with the invoice attached.

submit invoice button
Tax Category
From Country
To Country
Tax-Type (Category)


US Sales-Tax


Europe, HK VAT


Singapore, Australia GST


Europe VAT


US Sales-Tax


Singapore, Australia GST
 Singapore, Australia Singapore, Australia
 Singapore, Australia Europe, HK VAT
 Singapore, Australia US Sales-Tax

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