Find the PO

Choose the title “Orders” on your SAP Ariba dashboard to view all your purchase orders.

Tile Orders on Ariba dashoard

By default, it shows the purchase orders you received in the last 31 days. Choose “Edit filter” and “Last 365 days” if you want to see the purchase orders issued before. You can search directly with the PO number if you know it.

How to edit filter of orders

Choose the PO you would like to take action.

choose specific PO

Note: For service purchase orders (not material purchase orders for goods), it is important to make sure that the service period you are invoicing is covered by the service period of this purchase order. You can find this information in the purchase orders details.

How to show PO details Service start and end date

Alternatively, you could also find the service period in the email notification when the purchase order was issued.

service period in the email notification
Confirm PO (optional)

Step 1: Click on "Create Order Confirmation" and select the option "Confirm Entire Order" from the dropdown to inform your customer about the receipt of the purchase order and your willingness to deliver the goods and/or provide the services.

Alternatively, you could confirm or reject part of the line items by selecting "Update Line Items". "Reject Entire Order" is also possible in case you don’t want to accept the purchase order.

Create Order Confirmation

After selecting "Confirm Entire Order" a new entry "Order Confirmation Header" opens.

Step 2: Enter your order "Confirmation Number" that can be any value from your internal systems such as the number from your order processing application.

Step 3 (optional): You can provide further details such as the estimated shipping date, tax costs and comments as well as attachments.

Step 4-5: Click on "Next" , Review the "Order Confirmation" and click on "Submit" to send the confirmation to your customer.

Order Confirmation Header detail submit button

The status of the purchase order will change to ‘Confirmed’ and you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation.

Create a PO-based Invoice

Step 1: Click on "Create Invoice" and select the option "Standard Invoice" from the dropdown.

In case you have delivered or serviced the purchase order partially, you have the possibility to submit multiple invoices for one purchase order over time. In contrast to this while multiple purchase orders cannot be processed with only one invoice.

Create Invoice

For service purchase orders (not material purchase orders for goods), the “WARNING” message informs you that a service sheet will be automatically generated when you create an invoice.

Note: Please ignore this message and create the invoice directly.

Warning message

Step 2: Enter your "Invoice Number"

exclamation mark

If you see the link "Add bank accounts details", it means your bank account information is not yet created in your SAP Ariba Network. Please click on the link to maintain your bank account. This is only a one-time effort!

Guidance can be found here: Configure Payment Routing and Remittance.

Step 3: Under "Add to Header" upload your invoice as a pdf-document from your internal billing system as "Attachment"

Invoice header detail part1

Step 4: Enter the "Service Start Date" and "Service End Date".


For service purchase orders it is important to make sure that the service period you are invoicing is covered by the service period of this purchase order.

Please refer to the note under “Find the PO” section to check the purchase order service period.

Step 5: Enter your "Supplier VAT/Tax ID".

Step 6: Enter Allianz Global Investors "Customer VAT/Tax ID".

Note: In case you have added your VAT/Tax ID to your company profile during the registration, the number will be auto-populated.

Invoice header detail part2

Step 6: To add a line item on an invoice for services, click on the button "Add/Update" and then select "Add General Service" from the dropdown.

Step 7: After inserting the line item, please add the "Description".

Step 8: Enter "Quantity".

Step 9: Enter the "Unit" of Measurement.


The field “Unit” is case-sensitive. Please make sure that the value is entered in capital letters.

Please note that the field will not be validated by the system and often leads to technical Errors.

Examples for frequently used UOMs:
EA (each), DAY (days), HUR (hours)

Step 10: Enter "Unit Price".

Step 11: Enter "Service Start Date" and "Service End Date".

exclamation mark

Please make sure the total amount doesn‘t not contain more than 2 decimal places!

Invoice header detail part3

Step 12: For tax relevant invoices click on the check box “Tax Category” on the left hand side and on the check box next to the line item.

Step 13: Click "Add to included items".

Step 14: Select "Category" (please refer to the tax category page for the correct selection).

Step 15 (optional): If you have multiple line items, you can add the tax from the dropdown selection. The same applies for shipping and/or travel costs.

The same applies for Shipping and/ or Travel Costs

Step 16: After entering all the details, click on “Save” and afterwards on “Next”.


Click "Update" on the top or the bottom of the page to update any calculated fields if you add or modify any amount or rate fields.

In case of an error, an error notification in red will appear next to the field. Click on “Update” to double check if all fields are free of any errors.

Invoice header detail part4

Step 17: Once you have reviewed the invoice summary click on “Submit” and your invoice will be sent to Allianz Global Investors.

You can also "Print" a copy of the invoice or "Exit" the invoice if you do not want to submit.

You will receive an email confirmation with the invoice attached.

submit, print and exit buttons
Tax Category
From Country
To Country
Tax-Type (Category)


US Sales-Tax


Europe, HK VAT


Singapore, Australia GST


Europe VAT


US Sales-Tax


Singapore, Australia GST
 Singapore, Australia Singapore, Australia
 Singapore, Australia Europe, HK VAT
 Singapore, Australia US Sales-Tax

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