As a truly global manager, we employ specialist teams across our centres of competence in the US, Europe and Asia.

AUM in Equity
€ 139 Billion
AUM as of 30 September 2016


We offer a well-rounded suite of equity investment strategies with disciplined investment processes and a meticulous focus on risk management.

Driven by our conviction that insight and understanding are key to investment success, our equity strategies place great importance on the value of research and the sharing of intellectual capital all with an eye on managing risk.

Allianz Global Investors offers a full range of actively managed equity strategies that cover global, regional, developed and emerging markets, as well as varied market-capitalization options and investment styles. Our lineup is designed to support a wide scope of investment opportunities and financial goals. While the objectives for each strategy may differ, they all employ a thoughtful and disciplined investment process, with a meticulous focus on risk management. We believe that taking managed risks can help generate returns. Our portfolio managers draw on our deep network of economists, strategists and analysts and can employ the investigative-research capabilities of GrassrootsSM1 Research to identify compelling market opportunities. This global, team-based approach allows us to make informed investment decisions for our clients by applying the collective experience and knowledge of all our resources and research platforms.

1GrassrootsSM Research is a division of Allianz Global Investors that commissions investigative research for asset-management professionals. Research data used to generate GrassrootsSM Research reports are received from reporters and Field Force investigators who work as independent, third-party research providers, supplying research that is paid for by commissions generated by trades executed on behalf of clients.

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Investment Themes & Strategy

Factor-Based Investing Is on the Upswing

Long before “smart-beta” and style indices became popular, decades of research proved that risk premiums exist in the equity markets. But Dr Henne and Dr Teloeken warn that using passive products naïvely can create serious risk-management challenges.
Multiple Authors
Benedikt Henne
Klaus Teloeken
| 12/10/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

What Einstein Can Teach Us About Risk Premiums

Albert Einstein was such a ground-breaking thinker, his ideas even help inform the science of risk management. Find out how the rules behind the random motion of molecules are remarkably similar to the random components of asset prices.
Benedikt Henne | 23/05/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

Dividend Strategies Can Really Add Up

Dividend-paying strategies can be the key to weathering stormy markets, adding portfolio stability, enhancing performance and pointing to the overall health of a business. Oh, and did we mention the added income from distributions?
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 25/01/2016

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