Investable themes

Three themes capture the biggest opportunities and risks for investors in the coming years.
Together they represent ways to navigate a new era of investing – wherever you invest in the world, and in any asset class.

China is changing. Its economic growth is increasingly driven by innovations in technology, data and science. Its capital markets are developing with a similar energy, on their way to becoming an integrated part of the global financial system. Now is the time to get ahead of the opportunities as an investor and participate in this unique investment story.

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Today’s low-yield environment could be giving investors that shrinking feeling. With interest rates near historic lows and inflation a growing concern, how can you protect and enhance your wealth? Even if rates and yields may rise somewhat in the near term, major trends are keeping them lower for even longer and it’s critical to rethink portfolios for this outlook. The good news is that there are plenty of options.

grass in the forest

Sustainable investing is at an inflection point, as investor interest turns into significant investments. It’s time to focus on real, measurable impact by looking beyond conventional thinking on climate to explore the implications for biodiversity and other planetary boundaries. And by emphasising the “S” in ESG, investors can help address social inequalities, improve global food security and promote better education in a post-Covid world.

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