Thank you for supporting the “Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition, which has come to a successful close.

Over the course of 9 weeks, we received an overwhelming 3,400+ submissions around the globe. “Relevance and artistic quality of the work”, “Relevance to the theme of the Competition” and “Creative language” are the selection criteria which we applied when selecting the winners.

Join us at the virtual exhibition to view the list of awardees and their winning pieces.

Congratulations to all winners! The Organiser will send out a notification to the winners via email for prize redemption. Please refer to terms and conditions for details.

Contributing to charity to empower the next generation through education and art

While this Competition focuses on recognising artworks that raise awareness on climate change, AllianzGI (the sponsor) would also like to take this opportunity to support charity organisations and projects that empower next generations through education and art.

The Champion of the Competition can choose one of the following shortlisted charitable organisations as the recipient of a donation from AllianzGI to support their projects.

Earthwatch (UK)
Earthwatch is an international environmental charity, driving the change needed to live within our means and in balance with nature. They work with underserved communities to ensure that young people feel more connected with nature and know how to take action for the environment. Chosen by the Champion, Earthwatch will receive the donation from AllianzGI for Teach Earth, through which Earthwatch connects directly with teachers, empowering them to support the next generation, year after year.

Competition Details

(Thank you for supporting the "Art on Climate" International Illustration Competition, registration and submission of entries have been closed. Results will be announced on this page by 30 September 2022.)

Global warming and climate change is one of the biggest and most urgent challenges facing the world today. It is not just governments and business sectors that have a role to play in meeting this challenge. Every one of us can contribute. How we live our lives now, and the daily choices we make, can make a real difference to the future of our climate.

Organised by Fingertips Company Limited and sponsored by Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), “Art on Climate” is an international illustration competition held right across the world that aims to bring greater visibility to the issue of action against climate change.

The “Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition is inviting illustrators from across the world to create artworks that address the theme of climate change. Its goal is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and solutions to tackle climate change, and to inspire the public to make meaningful changes in its lifestyle in response to this global challenge.

Theme: climate change
Eligibility: any person aged 18 or above*, from any location
Submission period: 20 June to 19 August 2022, both days inclusive
Result announcement: by 30 September 2022
Prize: chance to win up to EUR 2,000*
Fee: no submission fee

* Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

Submission steps
Is there something you want to say about climate change? Draw it now!
Save your Work
Convert your artwork(s) into JPG format, with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi.
Register and Upload Artwork
Fill out the online Entry Form and upload your artwork(s).
Competition details

The “Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition was first launched in Spain in 2019 and extended its footprint to the Asia-Pacific region in 2021, attracting over 1,300 artworks from more than 1,000 illustrators. In 2022, the competition’s footprint has been expanded to cover more regions, including various European countries, the US and more countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The competition provides a platform for illustrators and students to showcase their talents and skills.

AllianzGI, a leading asset manager in the development of sustainable investment, is committed to limiting global warming and ensuring a smooth transition to a low-carbon future. The 2022 competition aims to bring greater visibility to the issue of climate change, thereby contributing to achieving the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement. The initiative responds to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals^ (SDGs) Goal 13: Climate Action – “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.

Goal 13
Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

^ Source: United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals; 2022.

Competition theme

Participants are invited to submit original works on the theme of “climate change”. Participants should use one or more of the statements below as a starting point for their work:

  1. Change your lifestyle to make a real difference:
    As fellow citizens of the Earth, we all have a responsibility to tackle climate change. By embracing lifestyle choices that are less harmful to the environment, we can all be part of the solution. For example, to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, use electric transportation. Where possible, walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Reduce your household’s energy use by, for instance, switching to LED lighting and more energy-efficient electrical appliances.
  2. Preserve our world for the next generation:
    Climate change is a global crisis that goes beyond borders. It requires cooperation at all levels across the world, among individuals, businesses and governments. The actions we take now will determine what the world will look like in the future. If all of us come together to tackle climate change, it’s not too late for us to make a difference and build a safer world for everyone, especially our future generations.
  3. Tell others what you are doing to magnify your impact:
    Telling your friends and family what you are doing to reduce emissions is one of the most important things you can do to fight climate change. Use your voice as a consumer, a customer, and a voter to magnify the impact of your words and make businesses and the authorities more aware of the importance of climate issues.
  4. Be optimistic about climate action:
    There is hope in the fight against climate change as more people and organisations are making climate change a priority. More and more young people are now stepping up and taking leadership roles, driving change, and urging everyone to take meaningful climate action. Other good news includes the fact that the use of electric transportation is accelerating around the world, while the cost of renewable energy is falling continuously.
  5. Take meaningful climate action to create social, economic and ecological benefits for everyone:
    Building an eco-friendly world is a big challenge, but it can also bring significant benefits. It can help us rein in the runaway costs of climate change, create more green jobs, make our air and water cleaner, improve public health, preserve ecosystems and different animal and plant species, and build a more inclusive and prosperous world economy for all.
Artwork specifications
  • Must be original works relevant to the theme of the competition and submitted by participants on an individual basis.
  • Each participant may submit up to a maximum of three artworks.
  • The submitted artwork(s) must not have been previously published or previously used for any other purpose.
  • Can be in any medium (for example, painting, computer software, mixed media), but the result must be a flat image and created in colour. Clip art is not allowed.
  • Should be in A3 size (297mm x 420mm), in either horizontal or vertical format.
  • Must be uploaded in JPG format, with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi, and the total size of each entry should be no more than 10MB.
  • Each artwork should be accompanied by a short description (minimum 30 words, maximum 100 words).
Judging panel
Mr. Jeff Jioe
Fingertips Company Limited

Mr. Jeff Jioe is the founder of Fingertips Company Limited and the Organiser of the “Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition.

Mr. Jay Chau
Asian Art Association

Mr. Jay Chau has worked for Netease News and Tencent. In 2018, he founded the Asian Art Association (AAA) in Singapore. Since its establishment, the AAA has held many influential art activities, including the World Heritage Live Painting Competition, the Asia Festival Singapore Dance Competition, the World Charity Painting Competition, the Asian Press Photo and the World Charity Painting Exhibition. Between them, these events have attracted thousands of participants from Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Mr. Bernard Bouton
Vice President General
Federation of Cartoonists Organizations International

Personal exhibitions in Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia.

First Prize donQuichotte (2010), Grand Prix Marostica (2018). He is both a cartoonist and a theorist of cartoon.

Member of EIRIS (Equipe Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur l'Image Satirique, France) , ISHS (International Society for Humor Studies, Etats-Unis), ENN (European Narratology Network) Jury member in Satyrykon (Poland), donQuichotte (Germany), Euro-kartoenale (Belgium), Portocartoon (Portugal), Nasreddin Hodja (Turkey), etc.

Mr. Frank Hoffman
Federation of Cartoonists Organizations Germany

Born at Allenstein / East Prussia in 1938.

Award-winning artist in Australia, Japan, South Korea (1991 Gold Prize / Seoul), Belgium (1998 First Prize Golden Hat), etc.

Personal exhibitions in Germany and Croatia. Cartoonist in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (1991-2003). Various cartoon books publications in Germany.

Ms. Marlène Pohle
Vice President General
Federation of Cartoonists Organizations International

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She works as a cartoonist and illustrator for books for foreign languages, she participates as a cartoonist and caricaturist at Cartoon Festivals and at international Cartoon contests (as a participant or as a jury member).

Personal exhibitions in Europe, Asia and South America. Award-winning artist in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, etc.

She collaborates also with CRNI (Cartoonists Rights Network International), with the Centro Cultural Roberto Fontanarrosa, Rosario, Argentina, and others.

Mr. Liu Ray Lung
Taiwan Society of Illustrators

Mr. Liu Ray Lung is the Chairman of the Taiwan Society of Illustrators and the Asia Illustration Association. He is a well-known illustrator in Taiwan, dedicated to promoting the art of illustration. He has been the project convenor of the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards since 2015. The Awards are held every year all over Asia, having been hosted in Huashan Creative Park in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Taoyuan, Kobe, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai. The Awards have grown into one of the largest illustration industry events in Asia today.

Ms. Qiuzhen Zhu
Executive President and Secretary-General
Shenzhen Illustration Association

Ms. Qiuzhen Zhu is the Executive President and Secretary-General of Shenzhen Illustration Association, Vice President of Shenzhen Experience Design Association, initiator of International Illustration Expo, and independent curator.

Ms. Zhu has many years of experience in handling art projects, operating art institutions, and licensing artwork copyrights. She has particular strengths in the areas of artist cooperation and branding, commercial exhibitions, and IP licensing.

Selection criteria
50 points
Relevance and artistic quality of the work
40 points
Relevance to the theme of the Competition
10 points
Creative language
Awards and exhibition#
e-certificate and
prize of EUR 2,000
1st runner-up
e-certificate and
prize of EUR 1,500
2nd runner-up
e-certificate and
prize of EUR 1,000
e-certificate and
prize of EUR 150

Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and Merit winners will receive a customised award certificate by email.

The winning artworks and selected other works will be put on display in a virtual exhibition.

# 53 winning artworks will be selected based on the 100-point scale that judges used for rating. The three artworks that received the highest number of points will be ranked as Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up accordingly, whereas the other 50 selected winning artworks will be ranked as Merit.

If you have any queries, please contact the Organiser – Fingertips Company Limited:

Terms and conditions
  1. Participants must provide true and accurate information on the entry form. Fingertips Company Limited (the “Organiser”) reserves the right to disqualify any entries in cases where, in our opinion, any information provided is inaccurate or has been omitted.
  2. To be eligible for participation, participants must be aged 18 or above as of 19 June 2022.
  3. Employees of Allianz Global Investors Asia Pacific Limited (the “Sponsor”) and/ or its affiliates, the Organiser and/ or its affiliates, and all those living in the same households as those employees are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  4. All entries must be original, submitted on an individual basis, and have not been previously published on any occasion. An entry will be disqualified if the participant is considered by the Organiser to have committed plagiarism, infringement of copyrights and/or violation of any laws.
  5. Any entries that the Organiser considers, in its sole and absolute discretion, that it contains material that is dangerous, vulgar, offensive, indecent, obscene, illegal, racist, pornographic, violent, defamatory, disparaging, inappropriate, controversial or that promotes political interests will be disqualified.
  6. Entry into the competition is at the participant’s sole risk. To the extent permitted by law, none of the Organiser, Co-organisers and the Sponsor accepts any responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, costs, expenses or claims (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) suffered by participants or any third parties arising out of or in connection with the competition and/or accepting a prize.
  7. No entry fee is required. However, participants are solely responsible for all expenses incurred in preparing and submitting their work(s).
  8. Each participant may submit up to a maximum of three (3) works, but would only be entitled to one of the prizes. Additional or late entries will not be accepted.
  9. No substitution of work will be allowed under any circumstances once the entry has been submitted to the competition.
  10. Incomplete, illegible, misdirected or late entries will not be accepted. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of delivery or receipt. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are incomplete, lost due to technical reasons, corrupted, delayed, wrongly delivered, or not received for whatsoever reason.
  11. If it becomes apparent that a participant is using any means to circumvent the above conditions such as, and without limitation, multiple email accounts, multiple reproduced or computer-generated entries, using multiple identities, fraudulently falsifying data, acting fraudulently or dishonestly in the opinion of the Organiser or otherwise acting in violation of these Terms and Conditions, these participants will be disqualified, and any prize entitlement will be void.
  12. The results of the competition are subject to the final decision of the panel of judges. No objections by participants will be entertained. The Organiser retains the right at its sole and absolute discretion to revoke the participants’ or their works’ qualifications and/or withdraw their prizes.
  13. The result of the competition will be announced by 30 September 2022 and the Organiser will notify the winners by email via the email address provided by the participant at the point of entry. Participants must provide a valid email address as this is the sole channel for the Organiser to contact the participants. Participants should check their email inbox (including the junk and spam mail folders).
  14. The prize will be presented in form of cash in Euro by wiring to the winners’ bank accounts. Once the Organiser has sent out notifications of prize-winners by email, the winners need to provide the following information to the Organiser within one (1) month from the date of the Organiser’s email: a copy of their identification document together with the bank account details of an account where the winners are the sole account holders. If a winner fails to provide the required information within this timeframe, such winner will be deemed to have waived the entitlement to the prize and the Organiser reserves the right to withdraw prize entitlement. Once the Organiser has received all the required information, the cash prize will be remitted to the bank account mentioned above within 2 weeks.
  15. It is the responsibility of a winner to provide correct, up-to-date details when providing their information for the acceptance of the prize. None of the Organiser, the Co-organiser or the Sponsor can be held responsible for any winners failing to supply accurate information which affects prize acceptance or delivery of their prize.
  16. The cash prize will be issued in Euros. Winners should provide details of their bank account denominated in Euro to receive the cash prize. Otherwise, the cash prize in Euros will be converted into the denominating currency of the winners’ bank account at the exchange rate applicable on the date of the remittance and may therefore be subject to exchange rate fluctuations, taxes and other applicable fees and charges.
  17. The Organiser will be responsible for all remittance fees, while the winners will be responsible for, if any, other relevant fees and taxes, derivative costs charged by the account holding bank and other charges arising from the relevant financial procedures in the location of the bank. The Organiser will notify winners when the remittance process has been completed, but the time at which winners receive their cash prize may be subject to the administration process of the account holding bank and the financial procedures operating in their specific locations.
  18. The Organiser reserves the right to verify winners and ask for proof of identity, age, address and other information provided by the participants and to withdraw prize entitlement where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  19. The Organiser, the Sponsor and their affiliates reserve the right to copy, publicise or make use of the submitted works in full or in part and in any form, including but not limited to promotion, exhibition, education purposes, without the consent of the participants or payment of fees of any kind.
  20. Participants agree that their works may be put on display in a virtual exhibition for public viewing, together with their names and the short description provided without any fee being payable.
  21. By entering the competition, each participant (if they win any prize) grants the organiser, the sponsor and their affiliates a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free and sublicensable right and licence to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish or display (in whole or in part) any intellectual property contained in the content of their works for the purpose of promotion, exhibition and education without royalty, payment or other compensation. Each participant agrees not to assert any moral rights in relation to such use and warrants that they have full authority to grant such rights.
  22. The Organiser reserves the right to interpret and amend the rules, and the Terms and Conditions of the competition, without prior notice.
  23. Upon submission of entries, participants agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of the competition.
  24. All information collected by the Organiser is for the purpose of the competition only, including but not limited to, contacting participants and distributing prizes. The information (including the personal information of participants) will be kept for six (6) months by the Organiser after the end of the competition, after which it will be deleted.
  25. If an act, omission, event or circumstance occurs which are beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser and which prevents the Organiser from complying with these Terms and Conditions, the Organiser will not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligation.
  26. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for system errors or other issues that may result in disruption to, delay or failure in receiving entries and/or sending notifications or prizes to winners.
  27. If any clause of these Terms and Conditions should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive and remain in full force and effect.
  28. The Organiser and the Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, amend, withdraw, terminate or temporarily suspend this competition in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or technical reason outside their reasonable control, with no liability to any applicants or third parties.
  29. These Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including without limitation, advertising or promotional materials. Participants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  30. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and translated versions in these Terms and Conditions, the English version will prevail.
  31. In the event of any dispute in respect of or arising from the Competition (including without limitation, dispute concerning the interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions), the decision of the Organiser will be final, conclusive, and binding.
  32. The competition and these Terms and Conditions, and any disputes arising therefrom, shall be subject to Hong Kong law and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.

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