Inclusion and diversity

Our workplace culture is critical to our success as a leading global active asset manager. Inclusion and diversity (I&D) are key pillars of how we work. We foster inclusive behaviour to embrace diversity and empower people with talents to succeed as themselves. This is not only the right thing to do – it’s also how we add value for our clients, enhance our brand, grow and retain our business.

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What are inclusion and diversity?

Inclusion is both the behaviour we demonstrate and the processes we use that enable everyone to give their best. Our culture of inclusion embraces and values our differences – it helps us feel free to be who we are.

Diversity is the endless mix of visible and invisible traits that make each individual unique, such as gender, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural background, personality types, and family status.

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Altruism, trust and respect are the basis of our approach

For us, diversity without inclusion and inclusion without diversity are not enough. Both are required and supported by a culture of altruism, trust and respect in order to maximise the collective intelligence of our organisation and to unlock the potential of all talent.

Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace

We are all defined by more than one characteristic, making us endlessly diverse. Applying an intersectional approach to addressing our diversity challenges is key to making sustainable progress.





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Inclusion and diversity strategy

With our business strategy as our pole star, our I&D strategy focuses on three key pillars. For each of these pillars, we aim at nurturing a healthy workforce and looking at diversity from the perspectives of gender identity, disability, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age and social background. And because we are all defined by more than just one of those traits, we address our I&D challenges with an intersectional lens.

How does it feel to work at AllianzGI? We focus on how our employees from majority and minority groups can feel more included and valued in our workplace.

Who do we recruit and grow? We attract and develop a large variety of talents to grow the diversity of our workforce.

What do we do to serve our social purpose? We use our responsible investor values to make a positive contribution to society.

Our people

Everyone who works at Allianz Global Investors is responsible for behaving in accordance with our values and for co-creating our inclusive culture, as outlined in our I&D policy as well as in our anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies. Our culture depends on everyone being part of it, both the minority and majority groups understanding they have a role to play, and all functions and colleagues taking responsibility for making it happen.

We are stronger together

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity includes all dimensions of diversity – ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, thoughts, skills and backgrounds. Our different employees’ networks bring our colleagues together.

Our Allianz NEO (Networking, Engagement, Opportunities) network promotes equality between people of all gender identities and expressions. All of our employees can benefit from a more equitable workplace – so we invite everyone to be part of the discussion.
Impact investments are the future
Impact investments are the future
Allianz Pride
Through the Allianz Pride network, we promote an open-minded corporate culture that values the diversity of our employees, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, makes the best use of their talents and creates a working environment that is free of discrimination.
AZ Beyond
Allianz Beyond is our employee network focusing on persons with disabilities. At Allianz we want to see Beyond the superficial – we want to focus on what a person can do when they come to work with us. We want to recognize challenges our colleagues may face in their lives, at home, travelling, and at work; and where we can, help them to get Beyond the barriers they face.
Impact investments are the future

The initiatives we support

To be able to support initiatives that matter to us, we have created a multitude of local and global partnerships covering the broad range of I&D topics. Furthermore, we have underlined our commitment by signing the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter and LGBTI UN Standards of Conduct for business.

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About our “Women in Finance Charter” committment

“As a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter, we are committed to supporting the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector and to reporting publicly on the progress made against internal ambitions on gender equality. Our ambition is to have at least 30% women in global senior management positions by end of 2024.

By Q3 2023, we have reached a female representation of 50% at Executive Committee Level, and 26% of all Managing Directors.

We remain committed to working for more balanced gender representation and believe that our Gender Equality Plan is a robust foundation for longer-term success.“

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