AllianzGI draws on our deep-rooted fixed income tradition for all of our clients.

AUM in Fixed Income
€ 207 Billion
AUM as of 30 September 2016, incl. money market

Fixed Income

Allianz Global Investors has a distinctive lineup of actively managed fixed-income strategies managed by experienced investment teams with deep knowledge of the markets in which they invest. Each teams' portfolios are designed to deliver performance and manage risks while seeking to provide our clients with the income they demand.

While each investment team is responsible for its own investment decisions and maintaining its distinct investment process, the teams are part of our global investment platform and benefit from sharing proprietary research and timely investment ideas.

We offer a wide range of fixed-income investments, including global and single-country strategies; developed- and emerging-market investments; systematic strategies; high-yield and convertible strategies; and more.

AllianzGI's global fixed income capability has been further strengthened in 2016 by the acquisition of Rogge Global Partners, the UK-based global fixed-income specialist.

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Outlook & Commentary

It’s Been Quite a Run for Global Fixed Income

Interest rates globally fail to accurately reflect fundamentals because QE has distorted markets, says our Global Head of Fixed Income. Investors have certainly benefited from the run-up in prices, but how much lower can rates go when over USD 10 trillion in global bonds have negative yields?
Franck Dixmier | 11/11/2016
Investment Themes & Strategy

Risk Assets Boosted by Hunt for Income and Total Return

Despite a volatile start to the year and a brief Brexit-related setback, risk assets like high-yield bonds, convertibles and equities have continued their upward climb. Doug Forsyth details the multiple factors fuelling their strong performance.
Doug Forsyth | 21/10/2016
View from the Global Strategist

Why Short-Duration Investing May Be a Smart Long-Term Move

With extreme monetary policy and political uncertainty making it hard for investors to find returns, Neil Dwane highlights how short-duration bonds offer the potential for higher returns today and reduced volatility when rates rise.
Neil Dwane | 16/10/2016

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