Inclusion & diversity

As an active long-term investor, we aim to create sustainable value for our clients in a way that also has a positive impact on wider society. We believe that building an inclusive organization will unlock the power of diversity, and by embracing difference, we will achieve better performance and more innovation. For us, striving for inclusion and diversity is not only the right thing to do; it’s the only thing to do.

Why inclusion and diversity matter to us

Having a truly inclusive culture where our people feel engaged and able to contribute fully is crucial for our employees and the company’s longer terms success.

Creating an organizational culture that welcomes everyone to participate is the only way to foster and capture the real value of a diverse workforce. Only if people feel included, will they bring their full selves to work and give their best. Only if people feel they can share their different perspectives, will companies fully unlock their potential to innovate and make the best decisions.

Diversity without inclusion or inclusion without diversity is not enough. Both are required to maximize the collective intelligence of our organization and provide the very best service we can to our clients and shareholders.

How we promote inclusion and diversity

We believe that everyone who works for us has a responsibility to help create an inclusive culture – and that inclusion is about every colleague, every day, everywhere.

We established our Global Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Committee in 2012. The committee meets on a regular basis and works closely with local I&D champions in all our regions.

In 2018, we underlined our commitment to inclusion and diversity by creating the role of global I&D leader, with the brief to support managers in driving positive change throughout the business in a number of priority areas.

Our priorities

Our priorities
I&D in action: Gender equality

As a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter, we are committed to supporting the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector and to reporting publicly on the progress made against internal targets on gender equality. At Allianz Global Investors, our ambition is to reach a global female representation of 30% at Managing Director level (e.g. senior management), 35% at Director level, and 50% at Vice-President level by the end of 2020.

When we set our ambitions back in 2017, we had a 23,1% female representation in senior management. By the time we signed up to the Charter in July 2019, we had 24,5% female representation in senior management. As of end of August 2020 we have 26,6% female representation in senior management.

While our female representation globally is moving in the right direction and our talent pipeline shows encouraging signs of progress, we believe we are not on track to meet our Charter target by our deadline. Unfortunately, low turnover and hiring rates coupled with still a limited number of females available in the pipeline are the main reasons why we believe we will not able to meet our target by the end of 2020.

We believe that our Gender Equality Plan is a robust foundation for future success and we continue to monitor progress against it to foster a truly inclusive and gender equal company culture. And because we are all defined by more than just one diversity trait, we are committed to address our gender equality challenges with an intersectional lens, looking at disability, race/ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, age and social background as well.

At AllianzGI, our objective is to build a respectful and inclusive workplace culture and to offer all our colleagues an equal working experience. As part of our efforts to create a LGBT+ inclusive workplace and in order to show support for LGBT+ equal rights and fair treatment, we became in April 2019 a signatory of the UN Standards of Conduct for Business. The Standards set out five actions that companies should take to align their policies and practices with international human rights standards and tackle discrimination in the workplace and the broader community.

We also recognize that we all have a role to play in shaping attitudes, rejecting discrimination and developing a workplace where everyone is valued and respected. That’s why, to mark 2020 Pride Month and to re-state our commitment for an LGBT+ inclusive work environment, we created the “Active is: Fostering LGBT+ workplace inclusion” guide. This guide is meant to be a reference document to help each one of us gain a better understanding of, and become visible role models for, LGBT+ inclusion and clarifying why understanding and respecting sexual orientation and gender identity matters beyond our private lives.

We are committed to have an on-going reflection on how, in our offices around the world, we can be always more LGBT+ inclusive every day.