At AllianzGI, we engage in an on-going, forward thinking dialogue with every client. Alongside an active approach to investment and active engagement with our clients, we are active stewards of the assets we own. Acting upon our fiduciary role as a responsible asset manager we aim to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria throughout our entire investment value chain. Given the diversity of investors’ objectives and requirements we provide tailored ESG and SRI processes with a broad range of approaches, adaptable to different levels of ESG incorporation and client preferences, enhancing our clients’ investment decisions whilst helping create benefits for society as a whole.

AllianzGI has been a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2007.

Our key strengths

A true commitment to ESG

  • It is the conviction of AllianzGI that ESG factors are important investment performance drivers which can only be realised fully through a truly active approach to asset management.
  • Recognising the value that ESG factors can add to portfolios and to its clients, we are committed to integrating ESG factors into all investment decisions, across all asset classes, on our global investment platform.
  • Given that, in addition to being sources of client alpha, ESG factors can significantly influence investment risk and disruptive trends, we believe considering ESG factors can form part of our fiduciary duty to clients.
  • AllianzGI is one of the investment management industry’s responsible investment pioneers, tracing its ESG credentials back nearly two decades.

A distinct global approach

  • The cornerstone of our investment approach is that our dedicated ESG research team work hand-in-hand with our mainstream analysts and portfolio managers.
  • We have a distinct, truly global approach to ESG research and investing, with every piece of ESG analysis shared among all our investment professionals via our internal collaboration tool.
  • Our research platform facilitates and systematically records our international network of investors debating and assessing ESG risks and opportunities on a global universe of corporate issuers, sectors and themes. The platform allows us to ‘crowdsource’ insights from the entire firm, giving us a truly holistic view on each and every issuer.

Active stewardship

  • Being serious about ESG is consistent with our commitment to active stewardship of the assets we own on behalf of the clients we serve.
  • We are ‘holders’ not ‘traders’ of the assets we own and believe in the value of taking a long-term approach to investing, working with companies to help them build sustainable businesses, rather than reacting to day-to-day newsflow.
  • Our engagement work is grounded in driving performance in our portfolios – we don’t undertake engagement for engagement’s sake – and is integral to our approach towards ESG.
  • We have a holistic engagement approach that is a joint effort between all portfolio managers and research experts including ESG experts which is systematically recorded and demonstrates a truly integrated effort.

Our ESG product capabilities

AllianzGI offers different types of products to meet various investor needs and objectives: ESG Integrated, SRI and Impact driven.

All products aim to deliver a competitive performance and benefit from our ESG mainstreaming with focus on ESG risk and active stewardship. For clients aiming to achieve a positive environmental and social effect or a pre-defined impact as part of their investment strategy, AllianzGI offers dedicated SRI and Impact Strategies. For clients aiming to reflect a norms or value based view in assets we are able to provide such concepts, for example through exclusion lists.

Key policy documents  

ESG Policy Framework

This document outlines the ESG Policy framework at Allianz Global Investors.

Stewardship Statement

This statement summarizes our stewardship approach, including the steps we take to meet the principles of the various Stewardship Codes.

Global Corporate Governance Guidelines

These guidelines provide a general framework for our proxy voting analysis.

Exclusion Policy

This Global Position Statement on controversial weapons aims to provide clients with clarity and transparency on AllianzGI's approach.

Climate Risk Statement

AllianzGI believes that material ESG factors such as climate risk may impact the future performance of assets.

Collaborative ESG Initiatives and Memberships

This is an overview of our collaborative ESG initiatives and memberships, demonstrating our active involvement in these initiatives.


Proxy Voting Records

Proxy voting overview:

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› Asia Domiciled Fund Holdings
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› US Domiciled Fund Holdings

Proxy Voting Report 2017

At AllianzGI, we take our fiduciary obligation to be an active shareholder very seriously. In 2017, AllianzGI voted at 7,961 shareholder meetings and on 83,488 proposals from both management and shareholders.

UN PRI Transparency Report 2018

This document represents our annual reporting to the UN PRI.

Engagement Report 2017

This report provides an overview of AllianzGI's engagement activities around the globe.

Recent Insights

Investment Themes & Strategy
Demand for ESG investing is rising. Yet for many, there is still a lack of clarity around what ESG is, what strategies are available and the implications for an investor’s portfolio. Understanding how a fund approaches ESG investing and the types of factors they may prioritize can give investors more confidence about which funds align to their values.
Investment Themes & Strategy
The concept of fiduciary management is evolving at time when responsibilities are shifting. At Allianz Global Investors, we believe that it is only through active and on-going engagement, proxy voting and stewardship that we can best protect the interests of investors today and in the future.
Neil Dwane | 29/06/2017

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Dr. Steffen Hörter For matters related to ESG policy, strategy and ESG investment capabilities

Dr. Steffen Hörter
Global Head of ESG
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Eugenia Unanyants-Jackson For matters related to ESG research, stewardship, corporate governance and proxy voting activities

Eugenia Unanyants-Jackson
Global Head of ESG Research
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