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While asset allocation decisions play a large role in determining the success of portfolios, Allianz Global Investors believes that using a combination of risk mitigation during times of market stress and active asset allocation across market cycles can improve outcomes for investors, both by enhancing returns and by reducing drawdowns.

Established in 1996, the Multi Asset and Solutions Group uses this approach in its management of a wide range of strategies: active allocation, risk management overlay, multi-asset alternatives and hedging, and life asset/retirement income solutions. In each case, Allianz Global Investors looks to improve outcomes for investors through a rigorous investment process and advanced risk-management methods.

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Investment Themes & Strategy
In this low-interest rate environment, the biggest risk may be not taking any. Find out how multi-asset strategies that put "smart risk on autopilot" may be able to help investors reduce risks without missing out on returns.
Dennis Nacken | 18/04/2016
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