Investment Themes & Strategy
Trade is a growing concern for financial markets, with Brexit and a new US-induced trade war triggering a debate about how closely nations must be integrated to trade well together. Yet the reality is nuanced, so it helps to understand the seven types of economic integration and how they benefit the nations involved.
Hans-Peter Rathjens | 06/07/2018
Investment Themes & Strategy
We recently surveyed consumers in China, Brazil, Mexico and Germany to get their views on planned spending, financial priorities and more. From big-ticket items to smaller purchases, emerging-market consumers seem willing to spend – and they want to travel more frequently.
Aggie Wong | 05/07/2018
View from the Global Strategist
Wealth and income inequality are pressing global issues, affecting the quality of life for countless people, suppressing economic growth, stretching governments’ capabilities and destabilising social systems. The good news? Politicians, corporations and investors can all do their part to enact change.
Neil Dwane | 03/07/2018
View from the Global Strategist
The ability to separate the insight from the noise – the real news from the fake – is an increasingly critical one, particularly for investors. These books show us how to question prevailing narratives and take a fresh look at the world around us.
Neil Dwane | 26/06/2018
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