View from the Global Strategist
In the “Year of the Pig”, China will likely continue grappling with slower growth, a mountain of debt and a trade war with the US. But according to Chinese legend, the pig is a sign of good fortune – which is consistent with our long-term view of China’s economic potential.
Neil Dwane | 31/01/2019
View from the Global Strategist
On 15 January, UK prime minister Theresa May suffered a resounding parliamentary defeat on her EU withdrawal bill. An unsettled couple of weeks now lie ahead.
Neil Dwane | 16/01/2019
Outlook & commentary
Fed Chairman Powell learned the hard way that his comments, even those made outside of official Fed communications channels, can move markets. The Fed is on a mission to make itself less important in the decision-making of savers, investors, consumers and governments.
Steven Malin | 19/12/2018
Investment themes & strategy
Infrastructure-debt investments in Latin America are often considered to be risky – and, as a result, more suitable for a portfolio’s “core plus” fixed-income allocation. But carefully choosing countries and projects can turn this asset class into a core holding with attractive yield potential and a solid risk profile.
Paul David | 07/12/2018
View from the Global Strategist
In the coming year, we expect to see lower correlations, higher volatility and lower returns, particularly for equities. Our 2019 outlook explores why active investing is likely to be essential.
Neil Dwane | 27/11/2018
View from the Global Strategist
If trade tensions continue, the US and China could lock each other out and create their own tech ecosystems, forcing the rest of the world to choose one over the other. With the global economy already becoming less synchronised, investors will need to use greater skill and agility to navigate the markets successfully.
Neil Dwane | 23/11/2018
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