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After many years of falling inflation, the second half of 2021 could be remembered as the time when prices started to rise again. How should bond market investors respond? Here are two more ideas.

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Outlook & Commentary

Listed US technology companies often continue to be run by their founders, who also retain large or majority shareholdings. This situation can lead to questions over their compensation policies. Regardless of the type of ownership, concerns are exacerbated when boards fail to read the expectations of shareholders, evidenced by poor outcomes at shareholder meetings, and this requires active investors to engage directly with the board.

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China insights

To understand current developments in China, it’s important to see how the country is now emphasising not just economic power, but the “soft” power of persuasion and influence. The key for investors is to learn how and where these strategic priorities will translate into opportunities.

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Allianz Global Investors is a leading active asset manager with over 700 investment professionals* in 23 offices worldwide and managing EUR 647 billion in assets for individuals, families and institutions.

Active is the most important word in our vocabulary. Active is how we create and share value with clients. We believe in solving, not selling, and in adding value beyond pure economic gain. We invest for the long term, employing our innovative investment expertise and global resources. Our goal is to ensure a superior experience for our clients, wherever they are based and whatever their investment needs.

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*Data as at 30 September 2021.

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