How to invest at the end of the cycle

Investment Themes & Strategy

Not all the world is in the same point in the business cycle, but some countries are certainly later-stage than others. Investors should assess how their holdings might perform in a downturn and look to actively select high-quality securities. A metric called the “financial cycle” can also provide a helpful way to measure an economy’s fundamental health.

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Investment Themes & Strategy

All US recessions since 1970 have been predicated by a yield-curve inversion – but despite slowing growth, we don’t expect a recession in the next 12 months. Plus, years of ultra-low rates could make this inversion less significant than others. Investors can still find opportunities to earn income and potential return.

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Investment Themes & Strategy

However investors view the problem of climate change – perhaps as a threat to carbon-intensive industries or as an opportunity to contribute to the greater good – ignoring its effects on portfolios increasingly seems like a short-sighted option. Fortunately, there are many ways investors can incorporate this urgent issue into their strategies.

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The report outlines our ESG activities and research, our engagement with investee companies through stewardship, the integration of ESG across our investment strategies and our innovative approach to meeting clients’ evolving extra-financial demands.
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