European Politics
The election was never going to put an end to the uncertainty facing the UK, given Brexit and the deteriorating economic picture. But the result piles uncertainty on uncertainty. The good news is that it may pave the way for more consultative government and a realistic approach to the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.
Artificial Intelligence
Although some view robo-advice as a passing trend, it has the potential to help investors and advisors alike, according to two new Grassroots Research surveys. Some advisors are even using the technology to manage smaller accounts more efficiently, which could bring more investors into the advice realm.
Kelly Reuba | 12/05/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Despite continued political risks in Europe and tepid expectations for the US, the global economy seems set to grow – albeit at an inconsistent pace. Investors should expect the reflation theme to persist, yields to feel upward pressure and politics to remain a key issue.
Ann-Katrin Petersen | 08/05/2017
European Politics
With his victory as France’s new president-elect, Emmanuel Macron can celebrate – for now. Much will depend on whether he can secure a clear parliamentary majority in June. Nevertheless, this win for pro-EU Macron should help investors see the more positive side to the European story.
View from the Global Strategist
Greece is back in the headlines amid continuing talks over its international bailout programme. As its economy continues struggling, what hard lessons can Greece and the EU learn from Iceland, which found a way to turn short-term pain into long-term gain?
Neil Dwane | 18/04/2017
View from the Global Strategist
The highly valued US equity market has served many investors well in recent years, but investors should watch for several factors that could exert downward pressure on stocks. Topping the list: Trumponomics troubles and growing fears of inflation.
Neil Dwane | 06/04/2017
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