Investment Themes & Strategy
The UK's triggering of Article 50 on 29 March is like firing the starting pistol on the process of leaving the EU – but this race will be slow and tortuous, with many dangers along the way. Here is our view on what investors should expect and how they should prepare.
Outlook & Commentary
We don’t expect the ECB to announce any major changes at its next meeting, since euro-zone core inflation remains quite low and the market could react strongly to any hint of an end to QE – which would be counterproductive to the central bank’s goals.
Franck Dixmier | 03/03/2017
Outlook & Commentary
Our Capital Markets and Thematic Research team outlines six “pro-factual” factors that can guide investors through a world that’s increasingly influenced by irrationality. Topping the list: Keep an eye on Brexit, European elections and US fiscal spending.
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 03/03/2017
View from the Global Strategist
One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, the tsars and the USSR may be gone, but Russia itself is alive and well. With the US becoming more isolationist, Russia has a chance to revise its standing with the US and EU – but this time, as an equal.
Neil Dwane | 02/03/2017
View from the Global Strategist
While China celebrates its Lunar New Year, the reform-minded President Xi Jinping is likely polishing up his next Five Year Plan. Perhaps he will put his own twist on a predecessor’s strategy and look to strengthen China in four key areas: agriculture, industry, defence and science & technology.
Neil Dwane | 24/02/2017
Investment Themes & Strategy
As geopolitics and disruption factor into just about every investment decision in this post-election period, it’s important to bear in mind the “creative power of destruction”. This is precisely the environment where active investors can apply their skills and sort out the winners.
Hans-Jörg Naumer | 02/02/2017
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